Who is David Ost?

The time David Ost discovered music for himself goes back to his very early teens. He took drum and piano lessons, played in a couple of high school bands, and dreamed of being even remotely as cool as the musicians he looked up to. He thought studying music would be a grand idea. But kind of like the story about the guy who wanted to be a boxer, until he met someone who really wanted to be a boxer, he started to be convinced that he was missing that certain something. He stopped striving for becoming a musician.

After years of studying other things and living in Ireland, China, the Caribbean, and Scotland, it was Glasgow’s buzzing music scene that somehow reminded him of the untapped potential residing inside of him. It’s where he began to connect with music again in an unprecedented way. Back in Hamburg, he began to write songs again. And this time, they made him feel comfortable enough to go out and play at open mics as much as he could, leading to first smaller gigs here and then. The Hamburg Singer-Songwriter scene is where he cut his teeth on performing his music.

Since his debut Single release with ‘Gamblers Of Romance’ in December 2019, David Ost continues to drop the Original Sound Track for an off-pop riot you won’t be able to get out of your head any time soon. Critically acclaimed by the indie blogosphere, his modern sound blends colors of driving guitars, folk poetry, electronic pads, and catchy vocals. Things have changed for David. He has secretly collected over 100k plays on Spotify, streamed in every single country the streaming provider is available in, and has played at large venues, such as the Elbphilharmonie in Hamburg. In September 2020, he toured through Germany supporting 'Tom Klose' and is already working towards new 2021 releases. He will definitely not stop now.

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